Best Holiday Party Host Gifts

There’s nothing like a holiday party to make the seasons bright. Whether it’s casual or formal, adults-only or family-friendly, these are the dates on the calendar we look forward to every year.

Our friends and family put a lot of heart and soul into making the festivities beautiful, so we always like to arrive with a little something to show our appreciation. Back in the day, we used to leave the house in a scramble, swinging by the store for a last-minute gift on the way. Now, we have our usual go-to gifts so we never arrive late or empty-handed.

We’ve put together this list of our favorite holiday party host gifts so that you never leave the house in a frazzle again!

1. Something to Use With the Whole Family

Sometimes it’s not about the “thing” you get someone as a gift, but what they can do with the gift to bring more joy to their whole family. A card game is perfect for those who regularly host get-togethers, and a craft kit is perfect for families with little ones.

Our go-to gifts as a South Bay family are things that can be used at the beach, like the beautiful umbrellas and beach blankets from Esplanade Brand. Made locally and designed to fit the South Bay lifestyle, everything from their shop makes a great gift! Take 10% off your purchase with them in December with the code BETTOLINO10.

2. Seasonal Flowers from a Local Florist

Cliche as it may be, flowers make a thoughtful gift to the person who has spent all day preparing the festivities. Skip the pointsettias and go for a less traditional seasonal flower, such as a Christmas cactus or Boston fern. Keep in mind the kiddos and furry members of the family – the local florist can help guide you in the direction of non-toxic plants to avoid any mishaps.

Jenny Barker, The Flower Doctor herself at Magical Blooms in Redondo Beach, always has great arrangements in stock that will brighten up your host’s table. Take 10% off your flower purchase with them in December with the code Magic.

3. Holiday-Scented Candles

Whether it’s apple, evergreen, or juniper berries, there are hundreds of scents that will stir a special feeling in the air during the holidays. Your host will think of you every time they light the candle and bask in the smells of the season.

Local shops like Card de A have plenty of varieties in stock, including ones with labels that will keep your host laughing! Use promo code DECEMBERCHEER for a $10 coupon to use in January when you spend $100 or more this December.

4. A Unique Piece of Jewelry

Your host will be stunned when they open a box to reveal a beautiful bracelet or pair of earrings, and will think of you every time they wear it. Buying locally, handcrafted jewelry keeps the piece as unique and special as they are!

Our favorite pick for local jewelry is Studio Soul Jewelry here in Redondo Beach. Soulie, the talented artist who designs and makes these beautiful pieces, is offering 15% off your purchase with the code SOUL15 through the holiday season. Happy shopping!

5. Something Beautiful to Wear

Winter weather = sweater weather. And being in the South Bay, a good sweater is a wardrobe staple! Gift your host a cardigan or shacket that they can cozy up in during the winter months, and even throughout the year on those chilly beach days.

One of our favorite local boutiques to shop at is Waverly in Manhattan Beach. Their selection is great for everything from nights out with friends to cozying up indoors, and will be much appreciated by your gracious host. Take 10% off your purchase with them in December with the code BETTOLINO10.

6. A Piece of Artwork

We can’t get enough of beautiful art prints, especially when they’re made by a local artist. If you’ve been to your host’s home before, consider their style – what colors are present in their home? What kinds of textures or florals does their decor highlight? From there, you can pick a great piece that they can hang.

One of our favorite local artists is Hana Franco, who paints local and imagined scenes that evoke a sense of calm, play, and bliss. Take 10% off your gifts from her shop this season with code BETTOLINO10, plus free shipping!

7. Local Gift Card

Bring along a gift card to one of your favorite local shops and let them pick their treat! In our opinion, this is one of the best holiday party host gifts, especially if you arrive at the party and realize you forgot to bring a little something to show appreciation. Simply tuck it into a thank you card and mail it the next day. Your host will not only be grateful for the gift, but also touched by a handwritten note.

A gift card from Bettolino can go a long way – just $25 can buy a handmade pasta dish, and $65 will buy dinner for two during our Monday date night special! Plus, get a bonus $10 back for yourself for every $50 in gift cards you purchase in person from December 1 – 24, 2022.

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