Ciabatta is the Loaf of Our Life

It’s not uncommon for our guests to rave about our delicious, warm ciabatta bread. We love it too, and not just because it’s so tasty, but because it’s part of our family!

Paul Giuliano holding ciabatta bread loaf at Giuliano's in Gardena
Photo credit: @giulianosgardena on Instagram

Meet Paul Giuliano — our uncle and the owner of Giuliano’s Original Deli in Gardena. He’s the man you can thank for the delicious contents of the basket that is served to your table at every meal. 

Every morning, Uncle Paul’s team is up with the sun to bake the bread from scratch. They know that comfort food like this has to be made from the finest ingredients, and they do it with love.

After the ciabatta bread is baked and cooled, they box it up and deliver it to our kitchen, where it waits for you to arrive! Once your bread is ordered, our kitchen pops it in the oven to toast it one last time. They place it steaming in the basket, where it then ends with you.

ciabatta bread in a basket at Bettolino Kitchen next to our homemade oil dip

We take great pride in the Giuliano tradition of serving fresh, delicious food at all of our family-owned restaurants. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Check out our Instagram highlights for videos from our recent visit to Giuliano’s, and for more behind-the-scenes footage. 

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