Sharing the Dish: Our Carbonara Recipe

Today is an extraordinary day at Bettolino Kitchen. We can hardly contain our excitement as we lift the curtain on one of our most cherished menu items—our beloved Carbonara recipe. Since launching our blog, this has been one of the most asked-for recipes by our guests. And who can blame them – the flavors in this recipe are incredible!

Carbonara, an Italian classic renowned for its velvety texture and rich, flavorful profile, is a dish that holds a special place in our hearts. Our recipe embodies the essence of tradition while weaving in a touch of innovative flair with shrimp that leaves our guests enchanted and craving for more.

So step into our bustling kitchen, breathe in the aromas of garlic, pancetta, and succulent shrimp, and get ready to make one of the South Bay’s most popular pasta dishes!

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How We Make Our Carbonara di Gamberi

The journey begins in a sauté pan, where our kitchen team expertly heats olive oil, aromatic garlic, savory pancetta, tender shrimp, and a splash of shrimp bisque—our secret ingredient that imparts a depth of flavor like no other. Each ingredient dances in the pan together, creating a symphony of flavors.

The moment we introduce our housemade parmesan sauce to the mix is when the magic truly begins. Simmering gently, the sauce forms an irresistible creaminess. To ensure every bite is nothing short of perfection, we add a splash of pasta water, imparting a silkiness that will leave your taste buds singing with joy.

Once everything is perfectly combined, we add our handmade spaghettini. Anyone who has tasted handmade pasta next to boxed store-bought pasta can tell you that there is an incredible difference between the two. If you look closely at handmade pasta, the noodle is slightly rough compared to the boxed pasta’s perfect smoothness. The rough edges and miniscule notches in the handmade pasta are perfect for grabbing onto more sauce, giving you more flavor in every bite.

You may think this is the end, but there is more more very important step that makes this dish different from others. With the flame turned off, we carefully add the most coveted part of the traditional Carbonara recipe – the egg yolk and Parmesan cheese. As the yolk intermingles with the luscious sauce, it imparts a velvety richness that takes the dish to new heights. Meanwhile, the Parmesan adds a subtle nutty essence, harmonizing perfectly with the other flavors, elevating the Carbonara to a state of culinary perfection.

As you sit down at our table and our servers bring this dish to you, we want you to know that our Carbonara is not just a meal—it’s an embodiment of our passion for Italian cuisine and a reflection of the love that goes into every single dish we serve. With every forkful, we hope you feel the warmth and care that we pour into crafting this masterpiece.

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If your mouth is watering and you can’t get this pasta out of your mind, we hope that you’ll join us for dinner tonight! Our Carbonara is served on our handmade pastas menu daily, alongside our other spectacular dishes. Reserve your table today!

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