Sip with Options: Mocktails for Dry January, Cocktails for Damp January

As January rolls around, many embark on the challenge of Dry January, a month-long commitment to abstain from alcoholic beverages. However, for those who prefer a more flexible approach, Damp January allows for indulgences in their favorite cocktails. Whichever path you choose, we’ve got you covered with a list of delightful mocktails that can effortlessly transition into their spirited counterparts!

Strawberry Basil and Cucumber Mint Signature Soft Drinks

Cucumber Mint

Our Cucumber Mint mocktail mixes up the crispness of cucumber, the brightness of fresh citrus, and the invigorating kick of mint. This combination is a symphony of flavors at any time of the year and makes a great refreshing mocktail. For those leaning towards a spirited twist, a splash of our 209 Gin will elevate this beverage into a sophisticated botanical cocktail that will leave you ready for the next round!

Citrus Peach

This burst of sunshine combines a subtly sweet peach puree, the zing of fresh citrus, and a garnish of strawberry. Perfect for both Dry and Damp January, this vibrant mocktail can transform into a dazzling cocktail with the addition of our new King Street vodka. The result? A sun-kissed libation that’s as delightful as it is versatile.

Strawberry Basil

For a mocktail that feels like a stroll through a garden, try our Strawberry Basil. The luscious strawberry puree meets the aromatic charm of fresh basil, transforming into a mocktail that’s both sophisticated and invigorating. To turn up the excitement, ask your server to add our King Street vodka to the mix, and you’ll have a Strawberry Basil cocktail that’s perfect for toasting to the new year!

Balsamic Fig

The Balsamic Fig is a rich fusion of flavors, similar to a shrub. Fig puree, balsamic, and fresh basil come together for a surprising drink that’s both savory and sweet. And for those indulging in Damp January, the Fig Loves Bourbon is the perfect cocktail version of this beverage that takes a winter twist on the classic Old Fashioned. Infused with the warmth of Four Roses bourbon and complemented by fresh citrus, this cocktail is just as sophisticated as it is tasty!

Our Signature Soft Drinks are great for dining in and also make the perfect addition to your takeout meal!

Whatever You’re Sipping, Bettolino is Shaking It Up!

This January, whether you’re embracing the challenge of Dry January or the flexibility of Damp January, these mocktails provide the perfect foundation for a drink you’ll love. Cheers to a January filled with refreshing sips and spirited moments! We look forward to celebrating all year long with you here at Bettolino Kitchen.

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