4 Meals For Your New Year’s Resolutions

After several weeks of happily eating pasta and cookies, many of us are taking advantage of a fresh start and making New Year’s resolutions for our health.

But just when you thought you’d have to say a temporary “see ya later” to your favorite restaurant, we’re excited to share our top 4 favorite meals on our menu that will satisfy both your new goals and your appetite!

Brasato at Bettolino Kitchen - braised short rib served over mashed potatoes, surrounded by broccolini

1. Short Rib for Your Gluten-Free Goals

For those going flour-free in the new year, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can still enjoy our Brasato. This braised short rib is served over a bed of mascarpone mashed potatoes and grilled broccolini. It’s so tasty that you’ll forget the fact that it’s gluten-free to begin with!

Branzino at Bettolino Kitchen - sea bass served over a bed of pastina with fried spinach and a lemon-butter sauce.

2. Branzino for Dairy-Free Goals

While you may not think of an Italian restaurant as your first option for dairy-free dishes, we incorporate many seafood dishes into our menu that still taste fabulous without the extra enhancement of butter or cheese. Our Branzino is served on the menu with a lemon butter sauce, but ask your server to hold the sauce for a tasty dairy-free option.

Tortelloni at Bettolino Kitchen
Tortelloni al Limone

3. Tortelloni al Limone for Vegetarian Goals

Our ricotta and spinach stuffed tortelloni has been a house favorite for years among vegetarians and carnivores alike. This fluffy pasta has won local awards, and we’ve even shared a little sneak peek of the magic behind it here on our blog.

Our “Secret Menu” Vegan Pasta

4. Our “Secret Menu” for Vegan Goals

Shhhh… we didn’t tell you this, but we have a secret menu pasta that was specially made for our vegan guests. We toss egg-free penne noodles with a nut-free avocado pesto and fresh veggies for a bright dish that will keep you coming back for more. Or, if you’re swinging by for lunch, you can give our vegan-friendly Avocado Crostini a try!

Ask Our Friendly Servers!

Did you know that our servers try every item that we release on the menu? They know these dishes inside and out, including each step of preparation. Let your server know your goals and they can help recommend the right dish for you!*

*Please note that although these dishes can be prepared to accommodate food allergens, we are not an allergen-free restaurant and we cannot guarantee the avoidance of cross-contamination. Please communicate all allergies with your server for appropriate modifications.

Image of Bettolino Kitchen's dining area

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