An Easter Egg Hunt Through Bettolino

A classic Easter egg hunt is one of our kids’ favorite annual activities. They run all through the house, looking for clues and discovering prizes. Seeing the joy on their faces when they find something new is just as fun for us as parents!

We’re giving you a little taste of the fun with an Easter egg hunt that you can join in on your next visit to Bettolino. Our eggs are little hidden secrets around the restaurant that all combine to make it the exciting atmosphere that it is!

The Easter Egg Hunt

Your challenge is to find the seven items below. Next time you’re dining with us, take a peek around from your table, or you can hunt through the photos on our Instagram!

  1. We have two wine barrels hidden in the restaurant. Do you know where they are?
  2. There is a word shown in the restaurant that describes our favorite activity. Can you find it?
  3. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, but our brick is a different color. Do you know where it is?
  4. There’s something in the restaurant that describes a necklace your grandmother might wear. Actually, there are a few! Can you find them?
  5. Can you find the menu item that is in honor of one of our family members?
  6. We kept something very unusual from the pandemic in the restaurant. Can you find it anywhere?
  7. We add a little bit of something from the Mediterranean all over the restaurant and even in our food. Do you know what it is?

After you’ve looked all around, up and down, check out the answers below. No peeking!

Easter Egg Hunt Answers

Ready, spaghetti? Here are the locations of all the Easter eggs!

  1. When we say wine is the light of our life, we mean it at Bettolino! Our light fixtures in the main dining room are made from pieces of recycled wine barrels.
  2. Our favorite activity is to eat! You can find the word “mangiare” in the phrase above the kitchen in the main dining room.
  3. There is a white brick background in our Betto Booth which, may we say, contributes to the perfect lighting situation.
  4. The green cascading plants in the front of our restaurant beside the Betto Booth are called String of Pearls, describing the perfectly pearl-shaped buds on them.
  5. Our Polpette con Polenta starter features our Grandma Dotty’s meatballs. Although some recipes on our menu change over the years to keep things new and exciting, our meatballs will always stay the same in honor of her. You can also see a few tributes to the youngest members of our family on the kids’ menu!
  6. During the pandemic, restaurants were required to have barriers between tables that were less than 6 feet apart. Our guests loved ours so much that we decided to keep them for a little extra conversation privacy between tables!
  7. Rosemary is a Mediterranian native plant and grows wild all across Italy. You’ll find a little sprig of it on each of our tables and even garnishing some of our dishes.
Polpette con Polenta, featuring Grandma Dotty’s meatballs

Next Task: Find Your Favorite Pasta

We’re always up for this task! Join us for a meal at Bettolino Kitchen and find your next favorite dish on our homemade pasta list.

Image of Bettolino Kitchen's dining area

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