Our Favorite 3 Fish Friday Dishes for Lent

Many Italians, whether or not they observe Catholic traditions, look forward to fish Friday during Lent.

During this season, which kicks off on Ash Wednesday and concludes the Saturday of Easter weekend, it’s common for Italians to give up eating meat on Fridays and instead eat fish. It’s become such a popular tradition that you may see local organizations host fried fish dinners during this season to bring community members together.

Our menu showcases fresh fish every day of the year, but it’s during this season that we think these dishes truly shine! Here are our top three favorite dishes we recommend for fish Friday this year.

Pesce al Pistachio at Bettolino Kitchen - Halibut served over mashed potatoes and topped with kale. Garnished with a lemon pesto sauce and basil oil.

1. Pesce al Pistachio

Our pistachio-crusted halibut has been a feature on our menu for years, and during Lent it’s one of our most popular fish to serve. Caught wild in Alaska, this fish is so flakey and flavorful, you’ll wonder why you’re not eating this every Friday of the year! We get it fresh every morning before coating it in a thin layer of our house pistachio, parmesan, and breadcrumb mix. The halibut is served over a bed of creamy mascarpone mashed potatoes and topped with sauteed kale grown locally by Valmonte Farm & Garden.

branzino served with pastina and crispy spinach

2. Branzino

If you’re looking to stay on the lighter side, look no further than our Mediterranean Branzino. We take the work out of eating this fish in its traditional whole presentation by serving it as a filet (you’re welcome) before cooking it on our grill top to flakey excellence. We serve this fish over a bed of pastina mixed with herbs, and top it with flash-fried spinach. We love this dish so much that we recently featured it on our list of healthy options with just a few minor modifications. 

3. Polipo

Not quite fitting the description of “fish,” but such a wonderfully decadent seafood option that we couldn’t leave it off this list. Back by popular demand, our grilled Spanish octopus has returned to the menu just in time for Lent. We spend quite a bit of time preparing it before it makes its way to the grill, ensuring that the end result is just as tender as it is bursting with flavor. It tops a blend of buttery cannellini beans, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and garlic, ensuring each forkful is perfectly succulent. Enjoy it as an appetizer to share with your group, or keep it all to yourself as an entree.

Join Us for Fish Friday

With many more seafood options on our menu, you could join us every week of Lent and eat something different! Reserve a table today, and our friendly servers can help you choose a dish you’re sure to love.

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