Meet the Dads in Our Family-Owned Restaurant

We’re proud to be a fourth-generation family-owned restaurant in the South Bay. We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without the love and dedication of our family members who are so cherished by our community.

This Father’s Day, we’re excited to introduce you in this post to a few of the very special dads in our family who have left a real impact on our restaurant.

Steve Giuliano

Steve Giuliano, pictured with his wife Dori and children Andreanna and Vince

Although Bettolino Kitchen was built from the dream of owners Sean and Andreanna Liguore, it also carries on the legacy of Andreanna’s father, Steve Giuliano. Steve spent his childhood growing up in the family business at his grandfather’s establishment, Giuliano’s Deli. His passion for the restaurant industry led him and his wife, Dori, to open Gaetano’s in 1993. He passed away shortly after the opening of Gaetano’s, and although he was never able to see his children grow his family business and create their own, his presence is still felt in our restaurants every day.

Sean Liguore

Bettolino Kitchen Owners Sean and Andreanna Liguore, pictured with their children Liana, Blake, and Dylan

While the Gaetano’s and Giuliano’s menus highlight traditional Italian-American classics, Bettolino Kitchen was truly born from owners Sean and Andreanna’s dream of opening a modern California-Italian restaurant. Sean’s years of experience in and passion for hospitality began long before Bettolino, working in the restaurant industry while studying in San Diego and growing up in a family where good slowly made and home grown foods were truly celebrated. Sean is the most amazing Dad and It’s not unusual for Bettolino employees to see him toting any one of his three children around the restaurant, teaching them family traditions and helping instill these family values into the next generation.

Paul Giuliano

Paul Giuliano, Owner of Giuliano’s Garedena and our great uncle

When Steve passed away, the Giuliano and Russo family and the South Bay community came together to support the family and the new Gaetano’s restaurant to ensure that his dream didn’t disappear. Paul Giuliano, his uncle, played a critical part in that. Over the course of the years, Paul and his brother opened and sold over a dozen different locations of the deli. Now, only Giuliano’s Deli in Gardena remains owned and operated by the Paul and the Giuliano family. The fresh bread we receive daily comes from Giuliano’s, and Paul and his wife Joanne visit our restaurant often to enjoy our food and sample their product of course.

Gaetano Giuliano

Gaetano Giuliano and his wife Francis, pictured with their son Busty, grandson Steven and great grandson Vince at Giuliano’s Commissary in 1986

Gaetano was the patriarch of the family and the man who started it all. He and his wife Frances opened Giuliano’s in 1952 with a dream to serve fresh homemade foods at reasonable prices. He instilled a strong work ethic and passion for food that has been passed on from generation to generation. Giuliano’s in Gardena is still owned and operated by his youngest son Paul Giuliano and is well known around the South Bay for their delicious breads, baked goods, Italian specialty grocery items and of course their famous Torpedo sandwich.

Vince Giuliano

Vince Giuliano at Piccini Italian Takeout
Vince Giuliano pictured with his wife JoJo and children Luca and Nico

As any family business will tell you, it becomes truly rooted in your every being. That’s why it was no surprise when Steve’s son, Vince, decided to continue down the path as a restauranteur. He and his sister, Andreanna, helped their mom run Gaetano’s after their father’s passing. Vince later studied culinary arts in Florence, bringing his knowledge back to the South Bay and taking over the management of Gaetano’s after their mother’s retirement. In 2015, Vince helped Bettolino Kitchen open its doors with its very first menu, and in 2022 he established Piccini Italian Takeout.

Vince Liguore

Vince Liguore with his son Sean and granddaughter Liana in front of his garden in 2018

Although Vince Liguore wasn’t in the restaurant business, he still had a great influence on the way Sean and Andreanna look at food. Vince grew up on a farm in Bakersfield, where his parents grew all their own food and raised their own farm animals. Vince and his wife Brenda instilled the appreciation and importance of simple but well done organic or farm raised ingredients. Both of which you can always find on the Bettolino Kitchen Menu.

Celebrating the Dads in Your Family

We know just how special dads are, and we love honoring them on Father’s Day! Bring the special men in your life to Bettolino Kitchen for brunch or dinner on Sunday, June 18th and enjoy our Father’s Day specials all day long.

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