Top 4 Things for Garlic Lovers to Try at Bettolino

April 19th is National Garlic Day, but let’s be honest – true garlic lovers celebrate this delicious little clove in almost every meal!

The history of garlic is a lot more detailed than one might imagine. Historians say that this little root was worshipped by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago and even used as an early form of currency. But fast-forward to the late 1800’s, garlic was a food item that divided Italian immigrants from their new American neighbors. Food historians claim that our country’s obsession with garlic in every form today is a tribute to those early Italian-American roots.

As for us here at Bettolino, call it what you will – garlic, aglio, nectar of the Gods, the stinking rose – we love it in just about all of its forms. And if you do, too, then you’ll love these 4 items on our menu!

Recipe of the month
Carbonara di Gamberi with garlic-sauteéd shrimp

Four Dishes for Garlic Lovers

  1. One of our most popular handmade pasta dishes is our Carbonara di Gamberi, featuring garlic-sauteéd shrimp. And for a great reason – the garlic is fragrant but light, and balances the salty pancetta in the perfect way. The best part about our garlic shrimp is that it makes a great addition to salads, as well!
  2. Most of our “top dishes” posts include the Branzino, it’s not hard to figure out why. This dish checks off all the boxes for incredible flavor, and part of that is due to the lemon garlic butter that is in the dish. This sauce ensures that each bite of the light, flakey fish gets an extra burst of garlicky, yet bright, flavor. *Chef’s kiss.*
  3. Another well-known dish of ours is the Pesce al Pistachio, our wild Alaskan halibut coated in a parmesan and pistachio crust. The halibut is served with kale sauteed in garlic – and while it seems like an ingredient that may go unnoticed in this leafy green, it kicks up the flavor in the most fantastic way. The warm, subtle spiciness of the garlic perfectly compliments the tender fish, creating the most incredible version of this seafood that you’ll find in the South Bay.
  4. Last but certainly not least is our South Bay-famous dipping oil that we serve alongside our warm ciabatta bread. Take a peek into each dish of oil and you’ll find big, beautiful chunks of this herb that soak into your bread for a pop of flavor before your first dish even arrives. Fresh garlic paired with a high-quality olive oil is a match made in heaven for us.
branzino served with pastina and crispy spinach
Branzino, topped with lemon garlic butter and crispy spinach

Find Your Favorite Flavor

If you’re sniffing garlic in the air, follow the trail to our dining room! Join us around the table to explore a new dish or enjoy an all-time favorite. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Image of Bettolino Kitchen's dining area

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