Italian Wine and Cheese Pairings

Is there anything better in the world of Italian food than a great wine and cheese pairing? We put together a list of our favorite pairings that you can try here in our restaurant so that you can get all the great taste without leaving Redondo Beach. Here are our top recommendations:

Wine and cheese pairing for burrata on our Rigatoni al Pesto
Rigatoni al Pesto, featuring buratta cheese

Mozzarella and Burrata

Mozzarella and burrata fall into the category of “fresh cheese,” which is a term used for cheese that is not aged. Their mild flavors and soft, creamy textures lend well to a crisp, dry white or a fruity, unoaked red wine.

Pairings we recommend from our menu:

  • D’estate Bowl (featuring fresh mozzarella) and a glass of Republic of Pink Rose – a brunch-friendly California rose that is both complex and refreshing, fruit-forward and dry
  • Rigatoni al Pesto (featuring fresh burrata) and a glass of Ron Rubin Pinot Noir – a silky Russian River Valley with a bouquet of bright ripe red cherry and cranberry
  • Cacio Pepe Grilled Cheese (featuring melted, fresh mozzarella) and a glass of Solosole Vermentino – a vibrant and well-balanced Italian white with notes of white pepper
Lasagna Marsala, featuring ricotta and parmesan cheese


Ricotta is another soft cheese that has a unique history in the Italian cheese maker world. This cheese is made from the whey produced when making hard cheeses. The whey is added to milk to form this soft and slightly sweet cheesy goodness that can be stuffed into just about any pasta to create a masterpiece. Crisp white wines and those with strong fruity notes, as well as light-bodied reds with low tannins are great pairings for this cheese.

Pairings we recommend from our menu:

  • Lasagna Marsala and La Quercia Montepulciano – this Italian favorite from Abruzzo pairs well with just about anything on our menu, but its low tannins and light spice lends exceptionally well to the blend of ricotta and marsala sauce in this dish
  • Tortelloni al Limone and Rickshaw Chardonnay – this unoaked chardonnay from the California coastline is full of lemon curd with an acidic undertone, making it a bright pairing for the ricotta and lemon combination in this dish
wine and cheese pairing for parmesan on the caesar garbanzo
Caesar Garbanzo, featuring crispy parmesan cheese


Like a fine wine, parmesan gets better with age. It falls into the “hard cheese” category that is quite firm and also has nutty and complex, savory notes. This cheese is one that you’ll find in many of our dishes and sauces, as well as served fresh tableside by our servers for pasta dishes. This cheese pairs well with sparkling whites and bold reds with some age.

Pairings we recommend from our menu:

  • Caesear Garbanzo and Gambino Prosecco – this brut prosecco is crisp and bubbly with an elegant dry finish, making it a great pairing for this first-course dish
  • Pork Belly Risotto and Tenuta Carretta Nebbiolo – this dish features a rich, creamy parmesan risotto that pairs wonderfully with the bold and tannic profile with red fruit and slightly earthy notes in this Nebbiolo

Try the Pairings

Ready to try one of the recommended pairings for yourself? Make a reservation and ask your server for their favorite combination. We’re sure you’ll love whichever pairing you choose!

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